Random watch

My blog is slowly starting to become an anime blog. I don’t have anything else to write at the moment since watching animes is what I’m doing right now. So, to the post itself.

To help me go to sleep I watch Youtube videos. The Wallflower or Yamato Nadeshiko suddenly popped up in my Recommended section. I used to watch this anime during high school and loved it because it’s so random and funny. The drawings of the guys were funny because of their lips but it didn’t stop me for crushing on Kyohei and shipping him with Sunako. I read in the title that it’s english dubbed so I decided to watch it since I watched the engsub version. 

Since it has 26 episodes, it took me a week to finish it again. Whenever I get home from work, I took out my iPad and watch. It’s so nice to reminisce the episodes and it’s still funny.Sunako really amazes me and she’s not ugly. She’s beautifu, it’s just she lost all of ber confidence because of being rejected by a guy. I admire that even if she’s hard to deal with, the 4 guys learned to care for her and become friends with her. I find the blonde girl, which is Ranmaru’s fiancee, pretty on the other hand.

I really find Sunako’s chibi really cute and whenever I saw her chibi form, I will always think that either she will say a cold comeback or something funny is going to happen. I am planning to rewatch the live-action again since it’s funny and Kameneshi Kazuya is playing Kyohei. I was a fan of KAT-TUN when I was in high school.lol

My sister saw me watching this anime and she told me to watch The Devil is a Part-Timer since I like random and comedy animes. She told me that it’s good and she really like it so I might as well try it. And so, after watching The Wallflower I watched The Devil is a Part-Timer.

The beginning of the first episodes didn’t amuse me because it was all action and medieval and here I thought it’s supposed to be comedy. I was delighted, however, that it only has 13 episodes which means I can finish it fast. And so, back to watching, my sister saw my reaction and told me that it’s only at the start and I should continue watching it. 

I am thanful to my sister that she recommended this to me because it was entertaining. It got me bored at some parts but their dialogues are my favorite parts. Their humor is amusing. I thought that Maou was a predictable character since he’s the lead but I was wrong. Emi was more predictable than him. I like that his dense towards Chiho’s feelings because honestly, I ship him with Emi. I relly love Ashiya because he’s so loyal to Maou and he acts like a mother. lol. It’s so funny that Satan is working at a fast food restaurant and is doing well in managing his finances and his job. It’s ironic that he’s the Dark Lord but he’s doing so well in Earth that he gets a promotion and a human falls in love with him because of his kindness while the Church are perverts, assassins and wants to rule Ente Isla. In fact, they’re the antagonist. This irony is what makes it amusing and interesting.