Weekend Stroll


I decided to stroll around our neighborhood for a change. 

I woke up at 8am and ate my breakfast. After eating, I debated whether I should do some walking or just watch TV series since it’s a long weekend. 

Walking or anything commute is a debate thing for me since I’m having trouble going outside due to my stomach illness. I have no confidence of going outside so travelling is a no-no for now. Since I want to gain my confidence again and I recently had my medical procedure, I decided to do some walking for a change.

I just took a stroll from our house up to the neighborhood’s clubhouse like I used to do. Our neighborhood is on a hill so roads are steep. As much as I want to climb into the roof deck, I didn’t because it was hot so I stayed under it. Upon reaching there, I noticed the somehow abandoned Gazebo.  

The gazebo and playground are located downhill so I had to go down to get there. I was so disappointed with the trash and felt bad that the place wasn’t well maintained. The playground is rusty. The swings, monkey bars, and seesaw are all in rust. A few meters is the rusty gazebo. 

I never looked at the gazebo as finished because the pond (supposedly) surround it was never filled with water. I remember when we had a tour in the area while my parents were planning to buy a house, the real estate agent told us that the gazebo will be surrounded with a fish pond where we can do fish feeding. And now, it just looks like that.

I took my time in the gazebo even if I hear kids playing in the pool nearby. I reminisced my college days and the days I spent living there. 

It was getting hotter so I decided to head home. While climbing uphill, I saw flowers and mimosa plants. I appreciated its beauty then started touching the mimosa plants. I remember, as a kid, whenever I see this kind of plant I always touch it so it would close and that’s what I did.


Thrift Haul #1: Sweaters & Long Sleeves

I have always been skeptical in buying in thrift stores, or known here as Ukay-Ukay, because my mom keeps telling me that the items being sold are from dead people (I would immediately think of ghosts).All of those beliefs changed after watching Dollastic and Coolirpa in Youtube. I became fascinated in thrifting because of them. I also thought of it as a way of recycling which could benefit the Earth since the fashion industry is one of the large contributors in pollution (learned that from coolirpa).

I was so excited when my dad paid us a visit and suddenly offered to take my sister and I to go thrifting. Today was the day! However, my sister didn’t come with us since she has an exhibit for school. 

My Dad was supposed to take me in a thrift store near his house but since I wasn’t feeling well we went to a store near my grandparent’s house. We went thrifting in a store inside our subdivision and they’re on a last day sale and everything was P10-20 pesos. I was like “WOW” and hurriedly checked clothes. My dad helped me search since almost all of the items are for women. And so here is my first-ever thrift haul.

I was able to buy 7 items(clothes for my sister are included) and the total cost was only P100. 

Item #1: blue long-sleeved shirt P10

Item #2: Black lace shirt dress P10 – the sleeves were kinda itchy 

Item #3: Black long sleeves shirt P10

Item #4: Grey graphic sweater P20 – my dad found this sweater and I find it really cute

Item #5: Floral graphic sweater  P10 – another find by my dad

Item #6: Grey jacket P20- not really sure if it’s a jacket but this is my fave find. Once I took it from the rack, I didn’t let it go

Item #7: Light blue long sleeves P10 – it’s stretchy. my dad found this.