Anime Marathon (Day 3)

It’s a Monday and I was on sick leave because my dysmenorrhea got worse. I decided to finish watching Diabolik Lovers and watch another anime since I cannot do much because of my cramps.
As mentioned, I watched Diabolik Lovers. It took me 3 tries to start watching this series. Why so many attempts? It”s because I find the protagonist cringey. So cringey. I cannot bring myself to watch it because Yui is so helpless. 

This show reminds me of a harem Twilight. Yui is Bella and the Sakamaki brothers are all Edwards. Thankfully, I was able to finish this series finally. I was able to finish it because I was interested on knowing what will Yui do while staying in the Sakamaki household. I was also interested in each brothers’ personality. I like Ayato, Shu, and Subaru. Kanato was interesting too. All I could say in this series is they have harsh mothers. I feel bad with the triplets for having an abusive mother. Cordelia is so evil. 

Next anime I watched is Ao Haru Ride. I was craving for some rom/com. This anime always comes up in the top 10 romcoms but never watched it because I heard it has a sad ending, drama, etc. I wondered how come it’s sad if it’s categorized in romcom. I read the plot and found no sad ending so I finally decided to watch it.

I love it! I love the anime so much. I just find their eyes so huge. It is a simple story and the plot is not complicated which I like. I like that Futaba was honest to Yuuri about her feelings to Kou. She really wants to love Kou and she was ready to lose her friend since they like the same guy unlike other plots who sacrificed their feelings for their friends instead of being honest. I love Kou because even if he speaks harshly he’s kind in the end.

One of my fave scenes was the window scene where he hugged Futaba because she’s crying. The scene was very cute and you can tell he really cares for her despite of his harsh way of speaking to her.

Another fave scene of mine was the Leadership camp where Kou found Futaba lying on a desk late at night. 

Kou also laid his head beside her and they talked that way and when they finally met each other faces, ahhhhhh, hearts everywhere. My most favorite part of this scene is when Kou suddenly turn his back because they were both surprised being so close face to face and Futaba pat his head and nuzzled her nose in his hair. So sweet!!! Then Kou taking her hand and asked her if she loves him. Hearts. Hearts. All I see in this scene are hearts. 

I also love the part where they fell on the hill and Kou finally showed his weakness and cried while hugging Futaba. That was the sweetest scene ever. 

After watching this series, I watched its live action movie.

First impression: the guy is from Death Note and girl looks like Yuka Kinoshita.Shouka is so pretty and Kukichi is so cute. So cute! 

Since I didn’t read the manga, I thought I was skipping the movie because the story was progressing fast. After remembering the manga’s plot, I realized that the anime is just like 1/4 of the whole story and a lot happened after it. 

I really hate Narumi because she’s so selfish and I find Kou jerkier here than in anime. I almost voted for Kikuchi because Kou always ditches Futaba. I still shipped for them in the end.