How my Sunday went

I cannot change my body clock anymore. No matter how late I sleep, I always wake up at 6 or 7am. I could feel my eyes feel droopy because I’m still sleepy but I cannot sleep anymore. It’s supposed to be a rainy season but it’s so hot and dry today. I’m stuck at home since I don’t have money to go out. I just browsed Youtube and social medias before finally continuing my anime marathon. 

These days, I tend to watch series or movies that are in a foreign language. I’m not sure what’s up with me but it’s my interest at the moment. I don’t know why but watching in foreign language and watching subs is a fun thing to do right now for me. I feel that watching these kind of movies and series makes it quite interesting since they have a different culture and far from the usual Hollywood movies. This is just my opinion. I promise to add more screencaps in my posts. All of the images I get are either from Pinterest or Google. I really do want to add screencaps of my favorite scenes to make my post more interesting but it’s quite hard using an iPad. I’m trying to save up to buy a laptop to make things easier. I passed my laptop to my younger siblings thinking that I wouldn’t need it anymore since I’m done with college and I have my tablet. I kinda regretted that decision. Hehe. 

Anyway, I watched Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo as a recommendation from a friend. I have nothing else to watch so I just went with it and liked it. It gave me an idea of an artist’s life as a student. 

I watched a lot of movies rekationg to art students but never about a manga artist or an animator and it’s really interesting for me. It’s adorable that Sorata is the cat guy since usual characters have cat ladies. I can relate to Sorata’s character. His feelings when his hard work doesn’t pay off while Mashiro gets all opportunities in a silver platter but then again, I got to see how a genius work. They put a lot of effort and hard work too in their work. They are also pure of determination and dedication. I find it admirable that the 2 geniuses, Misaki and Mashiro, don’t pressure themselves in other people’s expectations knowing they are geniuses. They just do what they want to do. It’s fun to see a game in an anime and it got me interested in game designing though I don’t play a lot of games.

I ship Sorata and Mashiro because they complement each other. I really dislike Nanami because she’s interfering my ship. I was like “wtf” when all of them were searching for Mashiro, especially Sorata who was frantic and she decided to tell all of those feelings to Sorata and here I am thinking i thought they’re panicking to find Mashiro. I find Akasaka and Rita cute because rhey have totally opposite personalities and Rita still pursues Akasaka. In addition to that is the fact they’re the first couple to kiss. Lol.

It was also an achievement for me to watch a 24-episode anime in 1 sitting and without staying up late since I finished it by 6pm. Congratulations to tue girl who cannot finish a series and prefers to postpone the ending because she got too attached with the characters and cannot accept that it’s over. I guess I passed throught that stage because I really loved the characters and the story and I was really hoping to finish it and I did. My attachment issues in anime is finally fixed although I have to be honest I almstcteared up in the graduation and goodbye part because I remembered my high school graduation. I really hate goodbyes. Too bad  Jin wasn’t shown in the hot pot party for the new borders. He was the only one missing. Nanami is not needed there(so bitter of me).

After finishing the series it, I was surprised I didn’t feel an empty space in my chest. The feeling of not knowing what to do next but I was sure I do not want to watch another anime series for now since it’s already late. I felt sad that I was done with series so I decided to find some comedy movies only to end up with a drama movie. I was really planning to watch Beauty and the Beast movie since I wasn’t able to watch it properly since my Aunt just talked all throughout the movie. But then, thinking about it, it’ll be boring since I already know the story. I was trying to find comedy but nothing’s catches my interest. I decided to check Animation genre and found A Silent Voice. I was having doubts in watching this since it’s drama and I read the manga. I was afraid to cry but I saw in my thumbnail in my Recommended section in Youtube that it’s one of the best romance movies so I watched. 

It was beautiful although 2 hours is so long. I got really pissed with Ishida’s friends for denying that they were bullying Shouko espcecially Ueno. I really hate her . She’s the one who started it all. Ishida was mean but so is his friends. I know karma hit him badly since everything he did to Shouko returned to him but what got me pissed is the same bullies who bullied Shouko are the ones bullying him minus, of course, himself. When he ripped off the calendar and started crossing out days, I knew he was planning to kill himself and I was like “what the f why do I know that”. My least favorite character is Kawai. She’s plastic. Always playing safe and blame someone else from her mistakes. Not because she said harsh things loudly doesn’t mean she’s innocent because she did nothing to stop the bullies. She kaughed with them and tolerated them. I don’t really know if she showed genuine feelings in the last parts or she’s just pretending to let people know she’s harmness. 

It’s beautiful that Ishida really regretted his actions and he took the effort of learning sign language. This movie just showed me that we cannot erase our past actions. Starting anew is hard and returning friendship the same way as before isn’t that easy or will never be the same. All we can do is accept and apologize. I was moved in the last part where Ishida removed his hands from his ears to block everyone and he started to hear everything. This scene to me seems like he’s going to participate in life again and new hope.


Random watch

My blog is slowly starting to become an anime blog. I don’t have anything else to write at the moment since watching animes is what I’m doing right now. So, to the post itself.

To help me go to sleep I watch Youtube videos. The Wallflower or Yamato Nadeshiko suddenly popped up in my Recommended section. I used to watch this anime during high school and loved it because it’s so random and funny. The drawings of the guys were funny because of their lips but it didn’t stop me for crushing on Kyohei and shipping him with Sunako. I read in the title that it’s english dubbed so I decided to watch it since I watched the engsub version. 

Since it has 26 episodes, it took me a week to finish it again. Whenever I get home from work, I took out my iPad and watch. It’s so nice to reminisce the episodes and it’s still funny.Sunako really amazes me and she’s not ugly. She’s beautifu, it’s just she lost all of ber confidence because of being rejected by a guy. I admire that even if she’s hard to deal with, the 4 guys learned to care for her and become friends with her. I find the blonde girl, which is Ranmaru’s fiancee, pretty on the other hand.

I really find Sunako’s chibi really cute and whenever I saw her chibi form, I will always think that either she will say a cold comeback or something funny is going to happen. I am planning to rewatch the live-action again since it’s funny and Kameneshi Kazuya is playing Kyohei. I was a fan of KAT-TUN when I was in high

My sister saw me watching this anime and she told me to watch The Devil is a Part-Timer since I like random and comedy animes. She told me that it’s good and she really like it so I might as well try it. And so, after watching The Wallflower I watched The Devil is a Part-Timer.

The beginning of the first episodes didn’t amuse me because it was all action and medieval and here I thought it’s supposed to be comedy. I was delighted, however, that it only has 13 episodes which means I can finish it fast. And so, back to watching, my sister saw my reaction and told me that it’s only at the start and I should continue watching it. 

I am thanful to my sister that she recommended this to me because it was entertaining. It got me bored at some parts but their dialogues are my favorite parts. Their humor is amusing. I thought that Maou was a predictable character since he’s the lead but I was wrong. Emi was more predictable than him. I like that his dense towards Chiho’s feelings because honestly, I ship him with Emi. I relly love Ashiya because he’s so loyal to Maou and he acts like a mother. lol. It’s so funny that Satan is working at a fast food restaurant and is doing well in managing his finances and his job. It’s ironic that he’s the Dark Lord but he’s doing so well in Earth that he gets a promotion and a human falls in love with him because of his kindness while the Church are perverts, assassins and wants to rule Ente Isla. In fact, they’re the antagonist. This irony is what makes it amusing and interesting. 

Anime Marathon (Day 3)

It’s a Monday and I was on sick leave because my dysmenorrhea got worse. I decided to finish watching Diabolik Lovers and watch another anime since I cannot do much because of my cramps.
As mentioned, I watched Diabolik Lovers. It took me 3 tries to start watching this series. Why so many attempts? It”s because I find the protagonist cringey. So cringey. I cannot bring myself to watch it because Yui is so helpless. 

This show reminds me of a harem Twilight. Yui is Bella and the Sakamaki brothers are all Edwards. Thankfully, I was able to finish this series finally. I was able to finish it because I was interested on knowing what will Yui do while staying in the Sakamaki household. I was also interested in each brothers’ personality. I like Ayato, Shu, and Subaru. Kanato was interesting too. All I could say in this series is they have harsh mothers. I feel bad with the triplets for having an abusive mother. Cordelia is so evil. 

Next anime I watched is Ao Haru Ride. I was craving for some rom/com. This anime always comes up in the top 10 romcoms but never watched it because I heard it has a sad ending, drama, etc. I wondered how come it’s sad if it’s categorized in romcom. I read the plot and found no sad ending so I finally decided to watch it.

I love it! I love the anime so much. I just find their eyes so huge. It is a simple story and the plot is not complicated which I like. I like that Futaba was honest to Yuuri about her feelings to Kou. She really wants to love Kou and she was ready to lose her friend since they like the same guy unlike other plots who sacrificed their feelings for their friends instead of being honest. I love Kou because even if he speaks harshly he’s kind in the end.

One of my fave scenes was the window scene where he hugged Futaba because she’s crying. The scene was very cute and you can tell he really cares for her despite of his harsh way of speaking to her.

Another fave scene of mine was the Leadership camp where Kou found Futaba lying on a desk late at night. 

Kou also laid his head beside her and they talked that way and when they finally met each other faces, ahhhhhh, hearts everywhere. My most favorite part of this scene is when Kou suddenly turn his back because they were both surprised being so close face to face and Futaba pat his head and nuzzled her nose in his hair. So sweet!!! Then Kou taking her hand and asked her if she loves him. Hearts. Hearts. All I see in this scene are hearts. 

I also love the part where they fell on the hill and Kou finally showed his weakness and cried while hugging Futaba. That was the sweetest scene ever. 

After watching this series, I watched its live action movie.

First impression: the guy is from Death Note and girl looks like Yuka Kinoshita.Shouka is so pretty and Kukichi is so cute. So cute! 

Since I didn’t read the manga, I thought I was skipping the movie because the story was progressing fast. After remembering the manga’s plot, I realized that the anime is just like 1/4 of the whole story and a lot happened after it. 

I really hate Narumi because she’s so selfish and I find Kou jerkier here than in anime. I almost voted for Kikuchi because Kou always ditches Futaba. I still shipped for them in the end. 

Anime Marathon (Day 2)

It’s a Sunday today and I decided to watch more animes since I’m on my period and I have nothing else to do because of dysmenorrhea. 

First movie I watched is Hotarubi no Mori e. Dude, I debated in watching this since I know it’s a sad movie and I don’t like sad endings. Why do beautiful movies often has a sad ending? Why? I always see screencaps of this movie in social media but often forget the title. I just always remember it’s a sad movie so I googled “Sad anime movies” and found it.

It was touching. Their relationship has no physical contact but they were able to build a close relationship. It’s this simple things that touches me. They have fun even if they have limitations in contact. They only meet every summer but they were able to touch each other’s hearts. I use the word “touch” a lot because it touched me but ironic that they do not actually touch. lol. They knew they’re never gonna be together and the festival is their last. But still, it’s so sad.

And then I reached the part where Gin is about to disappear because he accidentally touched a human child (see? a child again), I found it beautiful and sad.  I wanted to tear up when he said he can finally hug Hotaru. My heart, my dear heart. It is indeed a beautiful movie even if it has a bittersweet ending. 

To cope up with the sadness, I watched Attack On Titan Season 2. More deaths to forget the sadness. It sounds sadistic but I did watch it. I was really planning to wait for the whole season to finish so I could prepare myself with more deaths since in this anime, a lot of people die. 

I first read what the episodes are about now and got confused since I thought Armin is already a titan, Berthold’s already dead, and so is Erwin. Only to find out I mixed the plots I read and that I actually read the plot of the current manga instead of the anime. To tell you the truth, I am reading the plots first before watching it because I am making sure that Levi is not dead. I love Eren but I love Levi more and Levi’s the reason I’m watching it. 

They’re still screaming Eren’s name a lot since Eren still loses control because of his emotions. I am sometimes annoyed with Christa because she’s so helpless and I already hate Zeke Yeager/Beast Titan. I find Berthold and Reiner’s transformation really amazing. The animation is so beautiful. I feel a bit bad about them because it seems they got attached already. I always do my research before watching and I already knew since season 1 they’re titan shifters. Ymir annoys me a bit because it seems in the last episode she sides with Reiner because of what Reiner said about Christa’s future. Sasha amuses me now and I was so afraid for her when she used an arrow to attach the titan. I am looking forward for this anime. Please don’t kill Levi. 

I used to watch Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul on the same day but I heard nothing from Tokyo Ghoul yet. Sad. 

Anime Marathon (Day 1)

It was a Saturday and I decided to watch the movies I was able to find (randomly) during the weekdays. I woke up at around 7-7:30 am(body clock) and debated whether I should sleep or watch my movies right away. I ended up just lying in the bed ’til 8:30am because of overthinking stuffs. I at breakfast and proceeded in watching movies.

First is Death Note: Light Up the New World

To be honest, I wasn’t reallyy interested in watching this at first because live-actions are often disappointing and Death Note is my favorite anime so I don’t want it to be ruined. Nevertheless, I watched all live-action movies and series except for  L’s movies and the prequel of this movie which is entitled “New Generation”. It all changed when a colleague at work told me that the movie was actually good and I should watch it since I’m a fan of the series. 

I watched it yesterday and I was amused and satisfied. L for me is still the better P.I. than his clone. Like way better and still nobody could replace Light Yagami. Shien was an interesting Death Note holder since he’s a cyber-terrorist and he uses his hacking skills to collect all the notebooks and to attack his enemies. I just cannot believe that Light’s successor was a 9-year old kid who went insane of using the notebook. This is why children are scary in horror/thriller movies. I was amused that the actors in the past movies are in the movie and are playing the roles they have. I didn’t expect for Misa Amane to be alive since in the anime, she seems to commit suicide. It was nice seeing Matsuda and sad to see him die. 

The plot twist seems kinda rushed for me since it all came from a flashback. I find it quite funny when he shot Mikami because Mikami was about to write Ryo’s name when Ryo shot him and it reminded me of a gif I saw on Tumblr of Harry Potter shooting Voldemort using a gun because it’s faster than a wand. Lol.  I wasn’t entirely sure if Ryo is on what side in the end though. Yeah he replaced Ryuzaki but as seen in the flashback, he planned everything before disowning the death note and I’m not sure if he really had a change of mind about it. 

Next movie is Perfect Blue. I debated whether I should watch it or not because I was scared I might get nightmares after watching it. I discovered this movie in Youtube when a random video popped up in my Recommended section entitled “Why Perfect Blue is terrifying”. The video was about avatars and the stalker part gave me the creeps that made me think twice about watching it. 

It was an interesting watch and may become one of my favorite movies. I want to watch it again actually. The animation was good and thinking rhat this movie was launched during the 90s, wow. The plot was interesting and the stalker gave me the creeps. Like the drawing was so creepy, I cannot watch closely because his face was so creepy to watch. I read the plot before watching it so I could follow the flow of the story and to understand it better. Some parts made me confused because both Rumi and Mima are psycho except Rumi was doing the killing and Mima have a different perception of reality. Why does Mima get those dreams of killing the photographer if she wasn’t the one who killed her and how did Rumi ended up that way. My slight idea of Rumi ending up that way is because she used to be an idol and seeing Mima do the rape scene of Double Bind disturbed her a lot but why ending up to think that she’s the real Mima? Was that she’s so obssessed with Mima being an idol that she ended up that way? I guess it’s that. Mima also changed after the rape scene because she thought they wouldn’t do the real thing and her pop idol innocence washed away. I wonder about the pop Idol Mima image she sees though. Was that her inner conscience telling her that she doesn’t really want to be an actress and is just doing so because she was told to? She said so herself she doesn’t want to bother others because they’re taking care of her a lot. This movie makes me really curious that peaks my interest.