BTS or Bangtan Boys is a popular korean group consists of 7 members; Jimin, Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, J-hope, V, and Jungkook.

Whenever I watch music videos, I always see in the comments section, “I hope they do a collab with bts” or “guys! Army here.” Having little background about the K-pop scene, I always thought that the word “bts” means “behind the scenes”. While browsing in instagram, I saw one of the Youtubers I follow (Simply_kenna) mentioning in a post that she is a fan of kpop group named BTS. I encountered more comments with the word “bts” and googled it because I was so curious why they have so many fans.

I learned that they are a famous Kpop group. I usually don’t listen to Kpop songs so I only know a few groups such as Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD, and BLACKPINK. Learning who they are somehow satisfied my curiousity.

While searching for videos to watch in Youtube, a mv of their song “Spring Day” popped up in my “Recommended” section. I was skeptical at listening it at first since I don’t really listen to kpop songs and I don’t know if I would like it. Eventually, I gave in to see why this group is so famous and how come their fans are so nice.

When I was watching Spring Day, I was busy figuring out how to tell them apart. I’m going to be honest that I didn’t focus on the music part at first, I figured which is which. That’s how I am, I need to know who is singing, who is this person in the screen. That’s why in the first 2-3 days of watching their music videos, I was so frustrated. I cannot tell them apart. Their songs are good but I cannot fully enjoy it because I couldn’t tell them apart. I could only tell who’s Suga, Jimin (sometimes I cannot distinguish him too), and Rap Monster. The rest, I always mix them up. I tried the hair color method but failed since they change hair colors in mvs.

I asked for help in the comments section because I gave up distinguishing them and the fans were nice enough to help me. They told me that it’s really hard to tell them apart at first but I’ll get by. One fan gave me the time duration of each member in the mv of Spring day and one even welcomed me in their fandom. I was really touched. Their fandom is really nice, unlike the others who fight and compare. The time duration of each member in the mv helped me, I can now distinguish Jin but I still mixed up J-hope, V, and Jungkook. With the power of google, I was able to distinguish them.  I googled “bts <member> <mv>”. Hahaha.

I watched more music videos of them and distinguished them by checking in the comments from time to time and google if I was right. I can now distinguish them though I still get confused with V and Jungkook sometimes. Now that I can tell them apart, I can now enjoy their music. 

Spring Day is definitely my favorite song of them. It’s the first song I’ve heard of them and it’s a ballad (+mv is instagram filter we need). The song is calming and the train part is what I usually imagine myself while listening to it. Suga’s rap is my favorite part of the song. His voice is so deep and that scene of him rapping in the pile of clothes is so angsty.

I watched Not Today too. At first, I didn’t like it because it was too loud for me but after listening it for several times in Spotify, I liked it. I always say to myself Not Today if I’m having a bad mood.

I also watched Fire and omg, guys, I lost it when they dropped it using a stove. I’m fascinated with gray hair so Suga with gray hair is so “waaah, so cute”. I almost did not recognize Jin with blonde hair but he’s so handsome and seeing Jimin with black hair, so cute, he looks younger.

I tried watching their other mvs and Blood, Sweat, & Tears is my favorite one. It’s so beautiful, guys. The boys are all so beautiful. The mv was so artsy, dreamy, and elegant. I’m having LSS of the song until now. Jin and Jimin are so beautiful V and Jungkook are so angelic but I find Jimin the most beautiful in that vid. Gray hair + blue suit, he’s so dreamy in the vid. The comments section were all exploding of Jimin too. Hahaha.

I have observed that Jin doesn’t sing much in the songs and I remember reading a post that Jin is aware that he doesn’t get lines much since his voice suits ballad and BTS doesn’t sing ballad much but he understands. I felt bad because I hope he gets to sing more since he has a good voice and BTS is not BTS without him. 

I also discovered via reading the comments that Jimin was starving himself because haters called him fat. He passed out during practices because of a very strict diet where he doesn’t almost eat. I’m unaware of his abs because he’s already adorable without showing it off. I hope he would take care of himself and stop starving himself because it may lead to an eating disorder and no one wants that. I hope he remains true to himself and take care of himself. We’re already happy seeing him happy. I saw in the comments how supportive the fandom is regarding this issue and it’s nice to know.

I know I’m only new to BTS but for me, BTS is BTS because of the 7 of them. It won’t be BTS if they are incomplete, it has to be the 7 of them. It’s like them as a whole creates BTS. If one is gone, it wouldn’t be the same. Do you get my point? It’s like they really form one unit and they suit each other that’s why their songs are really good and they’re now one of the kpop legends. 

I think this is the first time I don’t have a favorite or a bias. Lol. In Big Bang, my bias is T.O.P. but here in BTS, I cannot choose one. I like them all, I like the group itself. At first I thought it was Jimin, then Jin, then Suga, but I cannot decide since the other has this too, the other has this, and so on so I ended up not having a bias at all. 

I wrote this post so I could finally let out to my chest my fandom feels. I cannot say that I’m an army because it’s an overstatement. To be an Army is an honor and I think I cannot live with the expectations of an Army so I don’t want to be called one (yet?) Because I think to be a loyal fan or Army is to know when will their next comeback be (I heard they’re having a comeback but I know nothing about it), know their albums and shows, and etc. I just really enjoy their songs and that is enough for me. I admire Army fandom that’s why I have so much respect for them. I don’t think I deserve to be called one because of their dedication. Armys are the best!

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.