Anime Marathon (Day 2)

It’s a Sunday today and I decided to watch more animes since I’m on my period and I have nothing else to do because of dysmenorrhea. 

First movie I watched is Hotarubi no Mori e. Dude, I debated in watching this since I know it’s a sad movie and I don’t like sad endings. Why do beautiful movies often has a sad ending? Why? I always see screencaps of this movie in social media but often forget the title. I just always remember it’s a sad movie so I googled “Sad anime movies” and found it.

It was touching. Their relationship has no physical contact but they were able to build a close relationship. It’s this simple things that touches me. They have fun even if they have limitations in contact. They only meet every summer but they were able to touch each other’s hearts. I use the word “touch” a lot because it touched me but ironic that they do not actually touch. lol. They knew they’re never gonna be together and the festival is their last. But still, it’s so sad.

And then I reached the part where Gin is about to disappear because he accidentally touched a human child (see? a child again), I found it beautiful and sad.  I wanted to tear up when he said he can finally hug Hotaru. My heart, my dear heart. It is indeed a beautiful movie even if it has a bittersweet ending. 

To cope up with the sadness, I watched Attack On Titan Season 2. More deaths to forget the sadness. It sounds sadistic but I did watch it. I was really planning to wait for the whole season to finish so I could prepare myself with more deaths since in this anime, a lot of people die. 

I first read what the episodes are about now and got confused since I thought Armin is already a titan, Berthold’s already dead, and so is Erwin. Only to find out I mixed the plots I read and that I actually read the plot of the current manga instead of the anime. To tell you the truth, I am reading the plots first before watching it because I am making sure that Levi is not dead. I love Eren but I love Levi more and Levi’s the reason I’m watching it. 

They’re still screaming Eren’s name a lot since Eren still loses control because of his emotions. I am sometimes annoyed with Christa because she’s so helpless and I already hate Zeke Yeager/Beast Titan. I find Berthold and Reiner’s transformation really amazing. The animation is so beautiful. I feel a bit bad about them because it seems they got attached already. I always do my research before watching and I already knew since season 1 they’re titan shifters. Ymir annoys me a bit because it seems in the last episode she sides with Reiner because of what Reiner said about Christa’s future. Sasha amuses me now and I was so afraid for her when she used an arrow to attach the titan. I am looking forward for this anime. Please don’t kill Levi. 

I used to watch Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul on the same day but I heard nothing from Tokyo Ghoul yet. Sad. 


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