Anime Marathon (Day 1)

It was a Saturday and I decided to watch the movies I was able to find (randomly) during the weekdays. I woke up at around 7-7:30 am(body clock) and debated whether I should sleep or watch my movies right away. I ended up just lying in the bed ’til 8:30am because of overthinking stuffs. I at breakfast and proceeded in watching movies.

First is Death Note: Light Up the New World

To be honest, I wasn’t reallyy interested in watching this at first because live-actions are often disappointing and Death Note is my favorite anime so I don’t want it to be ruined. Nevertheless, I watched all live-action movies and series except for  L’s movies and the prequel of this movie which is entitled “New Generation”. It all changed when a colleague at work told me that the movie was actually good and I should watch it since I’m a fan of the series. 

I watched it yesterday and I was amused and satisfied. L for me is still the better P.I. than his clone. Like way better and still nobody could replace Light Yagami. Shien was an interesting Death Note holder since he’s a cyber-terrorist and he uses his hacking skills to collect all the notebooks and to attack his enemies. I just cannot believe that Light’s successor was a 9-year old kid who went insane of using the notebook. This is why children are scary in horror/thriller movies. I was amused that the actors in the past movies are in the movie and are playing the roles they have. I didn’t expect for Misa Amane to be alive since in the anime, she seems to commit suicide. It was nice seeing Matsuda and sad to see him die. 

The plot twist seems kinda rushed for me since it all came from a flashback. I find it quite funny when he shot Mikami because Mikami was about to write Ryo’s name when Ryo shot him and it reminded me of a gif I saw on Tumblr of Harry Potter shooting Voldemort using a gun because it’s faster than a wand. Lol.  I wasn’t entirely sure if Ryo is on what side in the end though. Yeah he replaced Ryuzaki but as seen in the flashback, he planned everything before disowning the death note and I’m not sure if he really had a change of mind about it. 

Next movie is Perfect Blue. I debated whether I should watch it or not because I was scared I might get nightmares after watching it. I discovered this movie in Youtube when a random video popped up in my Recommended section entitled “Why Perfect Blue is terrifying”. The video was about avatars and the stalker part gave me the creeps that made me think twice about watching it. 

It was an interesting watch and may become one of my favorite movies. I want to watch it again actually. The animation was good and thinking rhat this movie was launched during the 90s, wow. The plot was interesting and the stalker gave me the creeps. Like the drawing was so creepy, I cannot watch closely because his face was so creepy to watch. I read the plot before watching it so I could follow the flow of the story and to understand it better. Some parts made me confused because both Rumi and Mima are psycho except Rumi was doing the killing and Mima have a different perception of reality. Why does Mima get those dreams of killing the photographer if she wasn’t the one who killed her and how did Rumi ended up that way. My slight idea of Rumi ending up that way is because she used to be an idol and seeing Mima do the rape scene of Double Bind disturbed her a lot but why ending up to think that she’s the real Mima? Was that she’s so obssessed with Mima being an idol that she ended up that way? I guess it’s that. Mima also changed after the rape scene because she thought they wouldn’t do the real thing and her pop idol innocence washed away. I wonder about the pop Idol Mima image she sees though. Was that her inner conscience telling her that she doesn’t really want to be an actress and is just doing so because she was told to? She said so herself she doesn’t want to bother others because they’re taking care of her a lot. This movie makes me really curious that peaks my interest. 


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