I discovered via Facebook. I saw the trailer in my news feed and watched it. It captured my interest since it’s about fashion and ebay resellers. I also thought that Brit Robertson is badass compared to her previous roles.

First episode was all cussing. At first, I thought Sophia was being childish because she just really wants the easy way out in adult living. She steals when she feels like it and she whines a lot. It was tolerable at the beginning. The scene where she bought the vintage jacket was my favorite scene though. 

As I progress in watching the next episodes, I found Sophia annoying. She’s selfish and self-centered. She doesn’t care about stepping on others just to get what she wants. I felt bad for Annie, her bestfriend, because she has to live with Sophia’s ego although Annie herself is also sometimes annoying because she makes a big deal about the smallest things and she’s dense.

For me, it’s like Annie doesn’t want to achieve that much. She’s contented on helping her friend. I get the impression that relationships are more important to her than success. I got really annoyed with her when her boyfriend, Dax, is telling her to not take acids from strangers and she gets on whining what’s so wrong in taking acids from a stranger and she’s getting angry with Dax because he’s no fun. Like what? You have a good boyfriend and you don’t like it?

I didn’t feel bad with Sophia about the office space lease where her father didn’t fully trust in naming it under her name. I mean she has bad credit records and lies about her landlord. I mean yeah, there are 2nd chances, but come on, prove yourself first. 

I started sympathizing with Sophia on the last episodes of the series. We see her mom who left her to pursue her dreams in acting but still has gotten nowhere. We see where Sophia got her rebellious traits like her and her mom stealing a Christmas Tree. I have to say that the turning point for me in changing my mind about Sophia is when she caught her boyfriend, Shayne, cheating on her. She was human after all. I thought she’s just gonna let Shayne’s cheating past but no, she did not. She got hurt. I love the part where she revelead Shayne cheating on her in front of the whole band through the recording room. I felt bad for her during the launch. Even if they sold out, Shayne’s cheating still haunts her.

Overall, Girlboss is okay. It’s not the best but the last episodes makes it tolerable. I would still watch out for Season 2 and made me interested in reading the book.


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