Weekend Stroll


I decided to stroll around our neighborhood for a change. 

I woke up at 8am and ate my breakfast. After eating, I debated whether I should do some walking or just watch TV series since it’s a long weekend. 

Walking or anything commute is a debate thing for me since I’m having trouble going outside due to my stomach illness. I have no confidence of going outside so travelling is a no-no for now. Since I want to gain my confidence again and I recently had my medical procedure, I decided to do some walking for a change.

I just took a stroll from our house up to the neighborhood’s clubhouse like I used to do. Our neighborhood is on a hill so roads are steep. As much as I want to climb into the roof deck, I didn’t because it was hot so I stayed under it. Upon reaching there, I noticed the somehow abandoned Gazebo.  

The gazebo and playground are located downhill so I had to go down to get there. I was so disappointed with the trash and felt bad that the place wasn’t well maintained. The playground is rusty. The swings, monkey bars, and seesaw are all in rust. A few meters is the rusty gazebo. 

I never looked at the gazebo as finished because the pond (supposedly) surround it was never filled with water. I remember when we had a tour in the area while my parents were planning to buy a house, the real estate agent told us that the gazebo will be surrounded with a fish pond where we can do fish feeding. And now, it just looks like that.

I took my time in the gazebo even if I hear kids playing in the pool nearby. I reminisced my college days and the days I spent living there. 

It was getting hotter so I decided to head home. While climbing uphill, I saw flowers and mimosa plants. I appreciated its beauty then started touching the mimosa plants. I remember, as a kid, whenever I see this kind of plant I always touch it so it would close and that’s what I did.


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