Cheese in the Trap – Completed

Yes! ​I completed reading Cheese in the Trap and ahhhh, the feels! I am so satisfied with the epilogue. It completed me. Seeing Yoo Jung cry like that because he realized everything is done and so scared to lose Seol I was in awe because he has changed so much and I’m happy. I was also relieved thay Seol thinks in a mature way and really loves Jung that she doesn’t want them to break up but to kept on trying. My heart, ahhhh. I’m truly going to miss this series and I didn’t know it’s been running for 7 years. Wow!

I want to shed a tear because this webtoon/manhwa is so different from the usual stories. It depicts real life. The ending was simple but realistic. I was really preparing myself for them to break up because of the differences of Seol and Jung but guess what? They didn’t break up. In the end, they’re still together. I thought in the last few chapters they’re gonna break up. Seeing Jung crying breaks my heart but I’m glad he was able to express himself.

Unlike the drama version, it was so clear that there was no love triangle in the first place. Seol never looked or felt romantic with Inho. She only looked at him as a friend. Baek-Inha was a surprise to me because I was really comparing the drama version and webtoon version only discovering that the last few eps of the drama was totally different with the manhwa. She was only looking for belongingness and for someone to stay with her. I’m glad Jaewoo and her are still in touch.

As for our JungSeol couple, I knew that the little girl Professor Baek was describing was Seol but I didn’t expect that little JungSeol have already met when they were kids. 

Season 4 really showed a lot of the stories in Jung’s side. He wasn’t weird. He was misunderstood and I felt bad for him for having a father like that. My favorite part was the epilogue. Jung crying because he realized everything he has done and regretting it. He understood everything now and he is so scared for Seol to leave. “Do you hate me now?” saying that while crying. My heart. </3 And Seol saying “Are you the sunbae I know. You’re like a child.” But no, she doesn’t hate him. Ahh, that scene. Then the parents suddenly appear. Hahaha. Privacy please, parents and Joon! Lol.

My most fave part in the epilogue was Seol saying that even if she still doesn’t understand how Sunbae thinks, she doesn’t want to break up but keep on trhing. That struck me so much. She was even the one asking if Jung will leave. 

Ahhh. This story. I will miss this! The hugs and the holding hands, there were all touching and sincere.

 I am looking forward to the movie especially now that I discovered that the author (Soonki) herself is the one writing the script. Either it’s a continuation of the drama, an after story, or the whole manhwa, I’m looking forward for it.

As for me, I’m still reading other stories like UnOrdinary but Cheese in the Trap is truly unforgettable and unique. It will always be one of my favorites.


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