Cheese in the Trap – Completed

Yes! ​I completed reading Cheese in the Trap and ahhhh, the feels! I am so satisfied with the epilogue. It completed me. Seeing Yoo Jung cry like that because he realized everything is done and so scared to lose Seol I was in awe because he has changed so much and I’m happy. I was also relieved thay Seol thinks in a mature way and really loves Jung that she doesn’t want them to break up but to kept on trying. My heart, ahhhh. I’m truly going to miss this series and I didn’t know it’s been running for 7 years. Wow!

I want to shed a tear because this webtoon/manhwa is so different from the usual stories. It depicts real life. The ending was simple but realistic. I was really preparing myself for them to break up because of the differences of Seol and Jung but guess what? They didn’t break up. In the end, they’re still together. I thought in the last few chapters they’re gonna break up. Seeing Jung crying breaks my heart but I’m glad he was able to express himself.

Unlike the drama version, it was so clear that there was no love triangle in the first place. Seol never looked or felt romantic with Inho. She only looked at him as a friend. Baek-Inha was a surprise to me because I was really comparing the drama version and webtoon version only discovering that the last few eps of the drama was totally different with the manhwa. She was only looking for belongingness and for someone to stay with her. I’m glad Jaewoo and her are still in touch.

As for our JungSeol couple, I knew that the little girl Professor Baek was describing was Seol but I didn’t expect that little JungSeol have already met when they were kids. 

Season 4 really showed a lot of the stories in Jung’s side. He wasn’t weird. He was misunderstood and I felt bad for him for having a father like that. My favorite part was the epilogue. Jung crying because he realized everything he has done and regretting it. He understood everything now and he is so scared for Seol to leave. “Do you hate me now?” saying that while crying. My heart. </3 And Seol saying “Are you the sunbae I know. You’re like a child.” But no, she doesn’t hate him. Ahh, that scene. Then the parents suddenly appear. Hahaha. Privacy please, parents and Joon! Lol.

My most fave part in the epilogue was Seol saying that even if she still doesn’t understand how Sunbae thinks, she doesn’t want to break up but keep on trhing. That struck me so much. She was even the one asking if Jung will leave. 

Ahhh. This story. I will miss this! The hugs and the holding hands, there were all touching and sincere.

 I am looking forward to the movie especially now that I discovered that the author (Soonki) herself is the one writing the script. Either it’s a continuation of the drama, an after story, or the whole manhwa, I’m looking forward for it.

As for me, I’m still reading other stories like UnOrdinary but Cheese in the Trap is truly unforgettable and unique. It will always be one of my favorites.


Cheese in the Trap 

Cheese in the Trap is a South Korean TV series based from a manhwa of the same name. It tells the story of a hard-working college student named Seol who gets involved with her mysterious senior named Jung. The show depicts some realistic situations as a student and audience will surely wonder (with Seol) about Sunbae’s mysterious personality. 

To start, I only watched the series because of the webtoon/manhwa. I’m a fan of the LINE webtoon series because I like the flow of the story. It’s not a heavy dramatic story but simple yet very interesting. I stumbled upon this show when I googled information about the manhwa. I was really curious how koreans will portray a manhwa in a live-action setting like how the japanese do live-actions of their manga. I am also curious how Jung Yoo will be portrayed since he’s my fave character in the story and he has a quite complicated personality.

I searched for information about this show first (it’s what I always do before watching anything) and was surprised to learn Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk of Weightlifting Fairy are here. I love them both and loved the series because it’s not the typical korean drama for me. Anyway, they are playing as Inha and Eun Taek in this series and seeing Lee Sung Kyung as a crazy villain is surprising (for me) because watching her as Bok Joo is so different compared to Baek Inha. Bok Joo is boyish while Inha is so posh. She did a good job though, she’s really crazy and funny as Inha. As for Nam Joo Hyuk, he’s still adorable as Eun Taek. Eun Taek will do everything for BoRa as Joon Hyung will always be loyal to Bok Joo.

What I like about Korean dramas is they don’t need to have a lot of kissing scenes to make you fall in love. Just sweet gestures is enough to make you all giddy. 

While watching, I sometimes get annoyed with Seol because she doesn’t tell Jung anything that’s happening to her (Younggon’s stalking, copycat Minsoo) and that’s not how relationship works and I find myself go grr because she doesn’t say how she feels. Sigh. I understand she doesn’t want to trouble her boyfriend but those kinds of situations are exemptions.

I like spoilers because I want to see if I would like the show until the end. I read the plot of the whole series and so I didn’t finish it. I only watched until Episode 12. I’m neutral with open endings but an open ending for this series is a no-no for me because I’m already attached to it. I know it has an original ending since the webtoon is still ongoing but still I cannot accept it. Seeing it end that way, I cannot bare it. I also read other reviews about the series and was disappointed that in the later episodes, we wouldn’t see a lot of Jung but more of Inho which is different from the webtoon based from the articles. More stories about the Baek siblings than the main lead Jung. I’m not sure if the later episodes were loyal to the manhwa because the LINE webtoon app (which is the translated version) is still in season 3 while the korean version is already in season 4. 

Park Jae Hin did a really good job in portraying Jung Yoo. He really captured the webtoon Jung and because of that I started to adore Park Jae Hin. He’s like the Jung Yoo in real life. Kim Go Eun did a good job in portraying Hong Seol. Eun Taek and BoRa was so adorable together even if Bora is more girly here than in the manhwa. Inho is still the lovable troublemaker and her sister is still crazy as ever. The casting was perfect . All of the actors suit their characters and it’s a huge plus in this series. 

I am looking forward for the film adaptation even if it has a different cast and I really hope that the film’s ending is better. I heard that the fil screenwriter is the authot herself.

Even if I didn’t finish this series, I’m still getting a hangover.


I decided to watch episodes 13-15 after reading the plots in dramabeans but I won’t finish the 15th episode. The sudden car accident was too confusing and too much for the drama. Does Seol really need to be in a car accident? Did that really happen in the manhwa? I have no idea. 

I have no plans in watching the finale because Jung did not even appear in the last bits. He figured out things offscreen. Like what? He’s the lead character and he doesn’t even appear in the last bits of the finale? I didn’t even know how he finally discovered his self. I only got a read message in the computer screen that they think will suffice his development and show a flashback of Jung and Seol as the ending? I want justice!

The drama started off really great but the later parts were disappointing especially the finale. I love the series because it taught me so many things which happens in real life. Victim complex, assumptions, taking things for granted, using people, keeping every thing to yourself without help, underappreciated. These are some things that happen but we usually ignore, what we often think as common, and I like that it tackles it here. I hope the movie and original manhwa would have a better ending than this. 

Episodes 1-12 were the best episodes, 13-16 were meh. Episodes 13-16 were all about In-ho and In-ha. Don’t get me wrong, I love In-ho Baek but not for the In-ho ❤ Seol tandem. They pushed for a love triangle rather than developing characters’ development. We slowly lost the male lead which is Jung. They didn’t even include stories about him. I  hope that the movie version gives a much better perspective to Jung.

It doesn’t matter to me if the film adaptation has a different cast except for Park Hae Jin as Jung Yoo. All I want is it has a better take of the manhwa in the film especially to Jung’s character. I love the manhwa that’s why I would really like if it is executed well.

Thrift Haul #1: Sweaters & Long Sleeves

I have always been skeptical in buying in thrift stores, or known here as Ukay-Ukay, because my mom keeps telling me that the items being sold are from dead people (I would immediately think of ghosts).All of those beliefs changed after watching Dollastic and Coolirpa in Youtube. I became fascinated in thrifting because of them. I also thought of it as a way of recycling which could benefit the Earth since the fashion industry is one of the large contributors in pollution (learned that from coolirpa).

I was so excited when my dad paid us a visit and suddenly offered to take my sister and I to go thrifting. Today was the day! However, my sister didn’t come with us since she has an exhibit for school. 

My Dad was supposed to take me in a thrift store near his house but since I wasn’t feeling well we went to a store near my grandparent’s house. We went thrifting in a store inside our subdivision and they’re on a last day sale and everything was P10-20 pesos. I was like “WOW” and hurriedly checked clothes. My dad helped me search since almost all of the items are for women. And so here is my first-ever thrift haul.

I was able to buy 7 items(clothes for my sister are included) and the total cost was only P100. 

Item #1: blue long-sleeved shirt P10

Item #2: Black lace shirt dress P10 – the sleeves were kinda itchy 

Item #3: Black long sleeves shirt P10

Item #4: Grey graphic sweater P20 – my dad found this sweater and I find it really cute

Item #5: Floral graphic sweater  P10 – another find by my dad

Item #6: Grey jacket P20- not really sure if it’s a jacket but this is my fave find. Once I took it from the rack, I didn’t let it go

Item #7: Light blue long sleeves P10 – it’s stretchy. my dad found this.

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